Talkeetna Water & Sewer

Fill out the Application

Fill out a Water Rights Application Form from the Department of Natural Resources.


Obtain your Well Log

To find your well logs, search for at the Alaska State Department of Natural Resources Well Log Tracking System (WELTS)

The search in this link has a few steps:

  1. press circle for owner
  2. write owner name
  3. click list; a vertical box should appear
  4. click on the owner name
  5. press list results
  6. in property description click on the colored type
  7. a vertical box should appear with a pdf above it
  8. click on the pdf link to see your original well log
Otherwise call the company who drilled your well for the log.

Pay the Fee

There is a a one-time fee of $100.

Mail Application to DNR

Send the Application, Payment, and a copy of your well log to:

Division of Mining, Land and Water,
550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1020,
Anchorage, AK 99501-3562

Seasonal Weight Restrictions - UPDATED JUNE 4, 2014

CORE AREA - extending to the Little Su Bridge on the Parks Hwy and to the Granite Creek Bridge on the Glenn Hwy:


                               Vine Road is still at 50% axle loading

                               Koppenburg Road at 50% axle loading effective June 4, 2014

    NORTHERN AREA -beyond the Little Su Bridge on the Parks Hwy and beyond the Granite Creek Bridge  on the Glenn Hwy:

                              50% axle loading on all borough roads until further notice

Axle loading shall be as defined in 17 AAC 25.013. Weight restriction exemptions that apply to ADOT roads shall also apply to Borough roads.  Additional emergency restrictions may be applied.  Emergency restrictions will be advertised in the Frontiersman, posted on our web site or will be posted on the specific roads.

For more information call Public Works Road Hotline at 861-7755.

Check with local cities for their restrictions on their webpages.

For weight restrictions that apply to state-maintained roads, please go to



Since I don’t live on a Borough maintained road, why do I have to pay road taxes?

Everyone pays road tax as part of their tax assessment.  If you reside or own property in a designated RSA, you are responsible to pay your fair share of those maintenance costs incurred by that RSA.

What do I need to do to get my road accepted for Borough maintenance?

The road must be certified by the Borough that it is constructed to Borough standards.  If it is not, that is the responsibility of the residents on that road to bear the costs of bringing it up to a certifiable condition.  After that is done, the residents can petition or request the Borough inspect it again and consider it for maintenance if it meets the required standards.

Why does the borough not take responsibility for snow berms in driveways and in front of mailboxes?

The RSA Contractors are required (by contract) to “minimize snow berms” as best as can be expected and they are allowed to leave a berm of 12 inches or less and no more than 24 inches at the base in driveways.  Any berms left in front of mailboxes are the responsibility of the resident, but again the contractors are asked to try and minimize the size and depth of the snow left behind.  This is all due to economics, the RSA cannot bear the costs of a no berm policy.

What can the Borough do about speeding vehicles?

Nothing, this is a law enforcement issue and the Borough does not have police powers.

Why won’t the Borough put up “Children At Play” signs?

These types of signs are thought to be a means of traffic calming, and they do not work in that capacity. The Borough posts speed limits that appropriate for residential areas and the enforcement of those speed limits are not within the powers of the Borough.

Why can’t we have speed humps/bumps installed in our subdivision?

Speed bumps/humps are a maintenance concern both in maintaining them and for equipment.  They are also a liability for two wheel traffic both motorcycles and bicycles.

Why won’t the Borough water my roads for dust control?

The RSA budgets cannot afford the cost to do this.

Why is my road not paved and when is it going to be paved?

This question has to be directed to your local RSA board for inclusion in the CIP (Capital Improvement Program) process.

How come they always plow the main road into our subdivision (which is paved) and not ours (which is gravel)?

Contractors responsibility is to plow mainline routes, school bus routes, and all the pavement first.  They are then responsible for secondary routes and finally residential streets and roads.   The Contractor also has by contract 48 hours to complete an initial plowing following a storm event.

What does the Borough do about dust on our roads?

Dust control for gravel roads are a CIP (Capital Improvement Program) issue and must start at the local RSA board level for nomination and inclusion in the program. The Road Superintendents will also place very dusty roads in the nomination process with the RSA board during the development of the CIP list.

What does it take to get a street light?

This is something that comes through the local RSA board during the CIP process.  If you want a street light you must make your local board aware of your request and they will bring it forward as a request on the CIP list.  One of the major criteria for street lights is intersections that are also school bus stops.

How do I get a speed limit sign installed on my street?

Contact Public Works to submit sign requests. Requestor will need to provide location and contact information. A petition from residents along the subject road is helpful. The Borough will look at the road and evaluate the need and if warranted determine a suitable location. The requestor will be notified of the determination. The Borough will then install the sign when conditions permit.

Is there anyway you can stop the truck traffic on our road?

No, not unless there are weight restrictions in place, and then all we can do is caution them that they may be exceeding those restrictions. The public roads are just that, public.  We cannot restrict the use of the roads to any one user just because someone does not want them using them.

Why can’t you grade the road when it is dry?

It does absolutely no good to grade a dry road, it actually does more damage than good as it causes to road surface to unravel and it pulls the larger rocks in the surface loose.  It also removes the fines from the surface, and it is that material that binds the top portion of the road together.

Why don’t you water the roads and then grade?

This is what we should be doing, we could then grade roads all summer and not have to wait for natural moisture (rain) to occur.  The practice of pre-watering the roads prior to grading is cost prohibitive, that is the only reason we do not do this.

Report A Pot Hole

Reporting Potholes



Water and asphalt do not mix. Potholes result when water gets into and under asphalt. Motorists should reduce speed while driving through all puddles especially large puddles. We have had many reports of flat tires due to drivers driving too fast through puddles and hitting unseen potholes. Report potholes promptly.


                                    Contact Numbers:

  • To report a pothole on major State routes: MAT-SU State DOT (907)745-2159
  • To report a pothole on Local roads: MAT-SU Borough (907)745-9826

Street Lights

Street Lights




Street lights located along Borough roads are maintained by Matanuska Electric Association. Street light bills are funded by individual road service areas. The borough currently pays the monthly light bills for 395 street lights located throughout the Borough. Contact Public Works (907) 745-9804 to report an outage and we will notify Matanuska Electric Association.

Contact your individual Road Service Area Supervisors to request a street light in your area. If you are unsure of who your supervisor is, contact the Public Works Department (907) 745-9804 for this information.

Individuals will need to request their Supervisor to include the street light installation in the capital improvement program. The borough considers the following factors when analyzing the location n for a street light:
- Public safety
- Site distance
- School bus stop
- Traffic density

The capital improvement program process begins with a priority list from the 16 Road Service Area Supervisors which is received by Public Works by December 31. Cost estimates are prepared, funding levels established, and approval is received from the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Assembly. Approval occurs in February and the work begins after spring break-up. You may contact the Department of Public Works at (907) 745-9828 to see if your light is included in the capital improvement program, or click HERE to view the Summer 2008 Capital Improvement Program listed by road service area.


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