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If You Burn Wood, Burn Wood Wisely

Split, Stack, Store and Save!If You Burn Wood, Burn Wood Wisely 


Research confirms that dry wood is cleaner and safer to burn than wet wood. Burning wet wood is less efficient and produces excessive smoke.  This leads to many kinds of health problems, including asthma and heart conditions. It also leads to buildup of creosote in the chimney, which can result in a chimney fire.



To prepare wood to use in your wood burning device:


SPLIT the wood in half at least once.  Your wood should be less than two feet in length.


STACK in a pile to allow for adequate air flow.


STORE properly by covering the top of the wood pile to protect from rain and snow, leaving sides of the stack open to breathe. Store for six months to two years depending on your location n, the weather and type or species of wood. Store in an area with good exposure to the sun. If wood is prepared after August 1st, store until the following burn season.


SAVE money and our air.  Burning dry wood means your fire burns hotter so you burn less wood.

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