Current Road Access

The access road alignment begins at Edgerton Parks Road and traverses rolling terrain before steadily climbing to the transit facility. The road had a total length of 4,900 feet (0.93 mile), a maximum slope of 8%, and crosses four small streams. The roadway will terminate just beyond the entrance to the transit facility parking lot to accommodate potential extension for future development.


To see the progress of the Ullr's Trail road construction project, click here.


Due to funding restrictions, the access road, Ullr's Trail, will initially be constructed with an aggregate surface and will be paved during a future phase of improvements. A paved multi-purpose pathway is also envisioned for a future phase of the project

The proposed parking lot provides parking for 210 passenger vehicles, including six American Disability Act (ADA) accessible spaces and six buses. Bus parking is separated from the main parking by raised medians. Similar to the roadway, the first phase for the parking area will have unpaved surfaces and will be paved during future phases. Raised medians and signage will delineate parking spaces designated for the use of public transit. ADA accessible parking spaces are provided near the trail connection on the north side of the parking area.

The transit facility is a wood-frame-single-story enclosed structure. Electrical radiant floor heating, lighting, benches, and an informational kiosk are included within the transit facility. Public restrooms are provided in prefabricated vaulted toilets with "sweet-smelling" natural circulation technology. The transit facility and restrooms are located on the north side of the proposed parking area.

A proposed 10-foot pedestrian pathway is located north of the parking lot and along the proposed bus-loading area. The pedestrian pathway is connected to the Nordic ski/hiking trails at the northeast corner of the site.

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