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The Finance Department is comprised of 57 employees. The department is responsible for the assessment of properties, maintenance of records and associated levy and collection of taxes, preparation and implementation of the annual budget and other appropriations, central treasury, fixed assets, purchasing functions, and fiscal activities. The department interacts extensively with other divisions and departments as well as the general public and other agencies.

The Finance Department is responsible for the assessment, levy and collections of taxes. This affects not only the general fund but also the non-areawide fund, the cities and the various service areas. Finance is also responsible for the filing of the State Shared Revenue application, Safe Communities resolution and the annual request for debt service reimbursement on school construction general obligation bonds. The Finance Department prepares the billings for the numerous grants the borough receives. Again, this revenue affects several funds. Also allocated to numerous funds, including the general fund, is the earnings received on the investments of the central treasury.

Certain functions or services performed by the Finance Department are rendered on behalf of other departments and divisions in other funds. In order to cover these costs, there is an annual interfund transfer from the affected funds to the general fund. Additionally, certain services are provided for those external to the organization. In those cases, an administrative fee may be charged to recoup some of the costs.

The Finance department is comprised of the following divisions:

  • Administration is the division that oversees and manages the department. It is comprised of the Director and the Administrative Secretary II. Major responsibilities include investment and debt management, risk management, budget, supervision of finance personnel and the planning, organizing and directing of departmental activities.

  • The Accounting Division includes payroll, accounts payable, and all grant reporting. Accounting is also responsible for recording and accounting for all budget, expenditure and revenue transactions to the general ledger, as well as to the capital projects ledger. In addition, this division is responsible for preparing for the annual financial audit.

  • The Assessment Division is another large division with eighteen employees. This is a state-mandated function carried out by the borough. Also, by state statute, the division is responsible for maintaining accurate ownership records of all properties within the borough. This division provides the value conclusions on over 63,000 properties within and throughout the geographical boundaries of the borough. The Assessment Division also administers state mandated exemption programs and optional borough exemptions. As can be expected, a great amount of time is spent answering the inquiries of the public.

  • The Revenue & Budget Division consists of ten employees. It is responsible for all billing and collection of taxes, solid waste fees, land sales/leases, registrations, business licenses, special assessments, and other miscellaneous receivables and fees that the borough assesses or charges. The division is responsible for compiling the annual budget. The division is also responsible for recording and accounting for all budget transactions to the general ledger. Additionally, included in this division is responsibility for the formation of Local Improvement Districts (LIDs). Also, the foreclosure of properties due to nonpayment of taxes and LIDs is a duty of this division as is the monitoring of those individuals or corporations in bankruptcy status. A large portion of time in this division is devoted to answering the inquiries of the public.

  • The Purchasing Division consists of six employees. This division is responsible for the procurement of all goods and services for the borough. Additionally, they prepare, distribute and analyze the results of all requests for bids, proposals, quotes and requests for qualifications. This division interacts extensively with all departments/divisions throughout the borough as well as members of the public. They are responsible for issuance of all purchase orders and monitoring of LPOs. They also prepare memorandums requiring Assembly approval, such as award of bids or contracts, expenditures exceeding $25,000 and change orders.

    Purchasing is responsible for the initial recording and tagging of the fixed assets of the borough. They are also responsible for the subsequent disposal of all surplus items.

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