Special Use District (SpUD) Maps

Special Use DistrictsThe following maps are created and maintained by the MAT-SU Borough GIS staff (or by contractual arrangement) and made available to the general public in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. These maps are made available to the public provided that the user adhere to the terms and conditions as defined within the Borough's GIS Disclaimer and Acceptable Use Policy. Review this policy before using the maps.

For more information about these districts please refer to the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Code listed on the individual maps. To view the Borough Code click here.


Overall SpUD Map


SpUD inset maps

Core Area
Conditional Use Permit Required Area
City Zoning Maps
City of Palmer Zoning Map
City of Wasilla Zoning Map
City of Houston Zoning Map
Special Land Use Districts

Denali State Park
Nancy Lake Recreation Area
Hay Flats Recreation Area
Port Mackenzie
Glacier View
Sheep Mtn. Sub District
Knik Sled Dog District

Residential Land Use Districts
  1. Dawn Lake Estates #1
  2. Shenandoah Subd.
  3. Kelly Lake Area
  4. Woodside Estates
  5. Lynne Lake Area
  6. Ancient Tree Estates #1
  7. Pinnacle Mtn. Subd.
  8. Sherwood Est. Add. #2
  9. Nancy Lake Northwest Shore
  10. Nancy Lake Northeast Shore
  11. Jack Fish Landing Subd. Lots 1-20
  12. Talkeetna River Subd.
  13. Fairview Est Add. #1
  14. Downwind Landing
Interim Materials Districts
a. Alaska Railroad Curry Quarry
b. Ptn. of the Port Industrial District w/in the Point MacKenzie SpUD
c. Alsop Pit
Single Family Residential
Land Use Districts
A. Canoe Lake Subd.
B. Ptn. of Chugach View Estates
C. Ptn. of Wilderness Subd.
Large Lot Single Family
Residential Land Use Districts
A1. Light Wood Subd. Large Lot Single Family Residential Land Use District

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