Matanuska-Susitna Borough

MAT-SU LiDAR & Imagery Project 2011-2012

General Information

The MSB LiDAR & Imagery Project is a collection of high-resolution elevation data and aerial imagery for 3680 square miles of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough (MSB) as well as the development of a number of ancillary datasets. For data management purposes the project has been divided into 7 blocks/areas: Matanuska, Core Area, Point MacKenzie, Willow, Caswell Lakes, Talkeetna, & North Susitna.

The project is being managed by the MSB in collaboration with the US Geological Survey (USGS) and US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). The following partners have contributed funding and/or resources to the project:

  • Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP);
  • United States Geological Survey (USGS);
  • Alaska Energy Authority (AEA);
  • United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS);
  • The Nature Conservancy (TNC);
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Mat-Su Salmon Partnership;
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE);
  • Alaska Pacific University (APU) &
  • Matanuska Susitna Borough (MSB).

All data developed as a part of this project is Public Domain.


Heather Kelley, GIS Specialist
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  1. Orthorectified, multispectral, 4-band imagery (RGB & NIR); ½ ft resolution, for a 270 sq/mi urban area; 1 ft resolution, for the entire 3680 sq/mi project area (formats: Jpg2000, MrSid2, & uncompressed Tiff)
  2. Point Cloud Data w/ 1m true nominal pulse spacing (nps) and 0.6m nps through overlap (these data meet both USGS & FEMA specs); classified and unclassified (format: LAS)
  3. Automated “vegetation” classification; low (1-6ft), medium (6-15ft) and high (>15ft) (format: stored in the point cloud LAS files)
  4. 1 m first return digital surface model (DSM) (aka top of canopy) (format: uncompressed TIFF)
  5. 1 m bare earth digital elevation model (DEM) w/ hydro-flattening (format: uncompressed TIFF)
  6. 1 m first return hillshade (format: uncompressed TIFF)
  7. 1 m bare earth hillshade (format: uncompressed TIFF)
  8. 1 m intensity images (format: uncompressed TIFF)
  9. 2 ft contours (formats: dxf, geodatabase, shapefile)
  10. Building footprints @ 97% accuracy (formats: geodatabase, shapefile)
  11. Hydro breaklines (formats: geodatabase, shapefile)

Order Data

MSB Data Ordering Portal (order data)

GINA Webpage (download data)

The Mat-Su LiDAR and Imagery project is important to a wide range of users. Some are only interested in one or two particular products or areas, while others want all products in all areas. As a result, the LiDAR and Imagery products can either be ordered from the MSB Data Ordering Portal or downloaded from a Geographic Information Network of Alaska (GINA) webpage. The Data Ordering Portal allows users to order the full complement of products, over large areas of interest, and have them delivered via hard drive (the data is free, but there is a cost for the hard drive). The GINA webpage allows for individual products to be directly downloaded, however download times can be long because of the large files sizes. GINA also serves up web mapping services of the imagery and hillshades. The GINA webpage is funded by the Alaska Energy Authority.

For data management purposes the project has been divided into 7 blocks/areas. Most of the project area was flown in 2011. A small portion of LiDAR in Hatcher Pass area and portions of the imagery of the Matanuska and Core Area blocks were flow in 2012.

The following table provides a status update on the products by block.

Block Imagery LiDAR &
Ancillary Products
½ ft Resolution 1ft Resolution
Point MacKenzie Block  N/A  Available  Available
Willow Block  N/A  Available  Available
Caswell Lake Block  N/A  Available  Available
Talkeetna Block  N/A  Available  Available
North Susitna Block  N/A  Available  Available
Matanuska Block  Available  Available  Available
Core Area Block  Available  Available  Available

The status can fall into one of two categories:

Available = Prepared for distribution and available.
N/A =
Product not available for the area.

Project Summary April 2013 (pdf 1.25 MB)   |  320 hits

Scope of Work (pdf 590.96 KB)   |  298 hits

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf 11.34 MB)   |  314 hits

File Management Schema (pdf 1.69 MB)   |  305 hits

Acquisition Map (pdf 231.15 KB)   |  315 hits

Imagery Acquisition Map by Year (pdf 4.02 MB)   |  312 hits

LiDAR Acquisition Map by Year (pdf 3.8 MB)   |  316 hits

LiDAR Imagery Block Title Index Map (pdf 829.38 KB)   |  359 hits

LiDAR Imagery Acquisition Area Map (pdf 1.18 MB)   |  323 hits

LiDAR Imagery Acquisitions Map with Blocks (pdf 406.09 KB)   |  339 hits

LiDAR Imagery Acquisition Map with Imagery Flightlines (pdf 223.59 KB)   |  301 hits

LiDAR Project Report (pdf 23.35 MB)   |  302 hits

Orthoimagery Report (pdf 33.85 MB)   |  300 hits

DEM Vertical Accuracy Assessment (pdf 467.24 KB)   |  334 hits

Unclassified Point Cloud Accuracy Assessment (pdf 211.21 KB)   |  293 hits

FEMA Standards (pdf 251.41 KB)   |  292 hits

NDEP - Guidelines for Digital Elevation Data (pdf 820.81 KB)   |  291 hits