April 6, 2011 - LiDAR and Imagery Project Update


Good news from the April 5th assembly meeting regarding the LiDAR/Imagery project.
The Assembly approved the award of the contract to Aerometric and accepted and appropriated funding from the Alaska Energy Authority and The Nature Conservancy.

We are working with AEA to add an additional 180 sq/miles along the Susitna River. This additional area will provide continuous coverage along the Susitna River (previously there was a gap in coverage) which will in turn allow for improved hydrologic modeling and 3-D visualization.

We met with Aerometric yesterday to iron out some of the project details:

  • Block and tiling scheme for LiDAR – there will be 7 blocks and 5 km tiles
  • Tiling scheme for the imagery – to be consistent with previous imagery acquisitions a USGS quarter/quad tiling scheme will be used {this decision was changed at a later date and the tiling scheme for imagery is now the same as LiDAR}
  • Storage requirements – we currently estimating about 4 TB of storage space {this is for the more commonly used products only}
  • File naming conventions – this hasn’t been entirely ironed out but it will be based partly on the block and tiling schemes
  • Pilot area – will be a 5 sq/mi rectangle centered on Palmer

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