April 27, 2012 - LiDAR and Imagery Project Update


Imagery Update

5 blocks of imagery have been delivered to MSB.

  • Pt MacKenzie, Willow, Caswell Lakes, Talkeetna, and North Susitna have all been accepted after an internal MSB Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) process.  These blocks are currently being prepared for dissemination.
  • The ½ foot resolution imagery, which covers a 270 sq/mi urban area within the Core and Matanuska blocks, was delivered this morning. The QA/QC process will begin next week.
  • We anticipate the delivery of the Core and Matanuska blocks within the next few weeks. They will then go through the QA/QC process before they are accepted.

LiDAR Update

  • The Pt MacKenzie block has gone through the entire QA/QC process and has been accepted. This block is currently being prepared for dissemination.
  • The Willow, Caswell Lakes, and Talkeetna blocks have all gone through the initial QA/QC process. Willow has two minor questions that need to be resolved before it can be accepted.  Caswell Lakes has one issue that still needs to be resolved and redelivered to UAF. Talkeetna has three issues that need to be resolved and redelivered to UAF.  Redeliveries will occur over the next few weeks. Once all outstanding issues are resolved, these three blocks will be finalized.
  • The North Susitna block should be delivered to UAF within a couple of weeks. This block will move to the front of the QA/QC queue once it is delivered to UAF due to the pressing need for this data.
  • The Core and Matanuska blocks will follow soon thereafter.


Data Dissemination
The data dissemination solution is nearing completion, more details will be available next week.

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