Be Prepared

icon_start_overPlan and Prepare for Any Disaster
  • Assemble emergency kits. (See Basic Emergency Supplies.)
  • Keep copies of important documents (passport, driver license, social security card, marriage license, will, deeds, financial statements, etc.) in an offsite location n such as a safety deposit box.
  • To facilitate insurance recovery, include an inventory of your valuables with serial number list of tools and equipment and photographs or video of other valuables.
  • Use a USB jump drive to store these files. Make duplicate jump drives and keep one at home, and one in a safety deposit box or other off-site safe location n.
  • Learn how and when to shut off your utilities. (See Utilities.)
  • Discuss all possible exit routes from each room, building and neighborhood. Ensure that your family has at least two exits from each.
  • Reunification location n: choose two places, one outside your home and another outside your neighborhood, like a church, community center, store parking lot, or other open area to meet at if you are separated.
  • Conduct emergency drills and practice “DROP, COVER and HOLD” for earthquakes at least once every six months.
  • Always keep your car’s gas tank at least 3/4 full.
  • Take classes on first aid, CPR and disaster preparedness. (See Training & Volunteer Opportunities).
  • Practice your plan once a year. Pick a weekend with nice weather to set up in your yard and use your disaster kit. This allows you to see how well it works and add to it before a real emergency.

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