Over the last week, LiDAR acquisition has continued to be delayed due to weather conditions. As a result, the LiDAR portion of the project remains at 81% completed. Unfortunately we have to report a setback on the imagery acquisition. Some of the flight planning for the imagery acquisition did not place flightlines close enough together to result in high quality data. As a result some areas have been re-flown or are planned to be re-flown. The imagery portion of the project now stands at 83% completed, down 7% from last week's estimation of 90%.

 Pilot Project
We've finished reviewing the pilot project data which covers a 5 square mile area in the vicinity of Palmer. The LiDAR elevation information compared favorably with the six points from the checkpoint survey that are common to the pilot project area. We have requested a number of improvements to imagery and LiDAR derived products; including improved ortho-rectification of the imagery, removal of artifacts in the DEM, and smoothing of the contours. A redelivery of the pilot project is expected once those improvements are completed.

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