Road Maintenance Hotline 861-7755

RSA Board of Supervisors Meeting

every 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m.
West Lakes Fire Station No. 73
1250 Spring Drive, Wasilla

Road Service Area Information (RSA)

The MAT-SU Borough is made up of 16 Road Service Areas. Each area is assigned a Primary RSA Supervisor and two alternative Supervisors who assist with questions regarding maintenance, snow removal and other issues regarding roads.

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The Borough maintains over 1,060 miles of roads. Maintenance includes snow plowing, sanding, grading, vegetation control, drainage control, minor construction, pavement crack sealing, pavement patching, and sign construction and maintenance. Most of the construction work is contracted out to private parties.


Snow removal begins when the snow depth reaches4 inches. A 4-inch snow fall normally takes a maximum of 48 hours to complete snow removal after snow fall stops. Heavier snow falls will take longer. The general priorities for snow removal will be school bus routes first, primary collector roads second, and secondary roads and subdivision roads third. Currently, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough has over 1,060 miles of roads to maintain. Please be patient and consider this criteria before calling!

Snow Berms Across Driveways

The Borough's primary objective is to keep streets open for safe travel. Whenever possible, operators try to minimize the size of snow berms across driveways to one foot or less. Removal of snow berms is the responsibility of the property owner/resident.


Road sanding is done in areas on an as-needed basis for safety considerations. When key safety areas like intersections, steep hills, and curves ice up to the point that there is significant risk for safe driving, sanding will be undertaken.

Private Snow Snow Plow ALERT

This is a reminder that it is illegal to plow private snow onto or across the road surface. Illegal plowing causes safety hazards as well as additional costs. This cost is incurred by the tax payer. Citations and fines may be issued for this violation!

Studded Tires

Studded tires may be put on September 15th and must be removed by May 1st.

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