Water Rights

  • Water Rights in Alaska

    waterWater− it’s the one resource we can’t live without.

    In the Mat-Su more than 23,000 homes rely on wells. Our population grew 50 percent in the last U.S. Census, yet few well owners are aware of water rights or that they need the rights to protect the quantity of water they consume.

    To learn about the importance of healthy watersheds see the EPA fact sheet on the Economic Benefits of Healthy Watersheds

    Why Water Rights Matter

    A short overview by Borough Assembly Member Warren Keogh.
  • The Advantages of Having Your Own Water Rights


    By default you don't have water rights to your property in Alaska, but you can get them.  Water law in Alaska says first in time, first in right. A person with water rights has priority to use water over persons who file later for rights from the same water source.

    If you’re a Borough property owner your water becomes tied to your land by applying for water rights.

    Protecting the water supply you depend on may be important in the future. The population of the Mat-Su grew 50 percent in the last US Census. Most of us are on private wells. If your water supply were ever lost, your only recourse would be your state water rights certificate.
  • It’s easy to obtain your water rights

    The process to obtain water rights is administered by the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources. To obtain the water rights for your property, follow these procedures:

    Fill out the Application

    Fill out a Water Rights Application Form from the Department of Natural Resources.


    Obtain your Well Log

    To find your well logs, search for at the Alaska State Department of Natural Resources Well Log Tracking System (WELTS)

    The search in this link has a few steps:

    1. press circle for owner
    2. write owner name
    3. click list; a vertical box should appear
    4. click on the owner name
    5. press list results
    6. in property description click on the colored type
    7. a vertical box should appear with a pdf above it
    8. click on the pdf link to see your original well log
    Otherwise call the company who drilled your well for the log.

    Pay the Fee

    There is a a one-time fee of $100.

    Mail Application to DNR

    Send the Application, Payment, and a copy of your well log to:

    Division of Mining, Land and Water,
    550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1020,
    Anchorage, AK 99501-3562

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