Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Emergency Medical Services Board

The emergency medical services board membership shall consist of an emergency medical service (EMS) primary and an alternate from each Matanuska-Susitna Borough service area; the medical director, hospital representative, dispatch center representative, dive rescue team representative and uniformed or responder fire service representative.

(A)    The board shall:

(1)    act as an areawide emergency medical services advisory board to the administration and assembly, including making studies, holding public hearings and making recommendations to the administration and assembly on the following:

(a)    standardization of service areas and services;

(b)    capital improvement projects;

(c)    the operational budget of areas;

(d)    emergency medical service regulations;

(e)    emergency medical services training areas;

(f)    appropriate equipment for service areas;

(g)    service area personnel qualifications;

(h)    service area backup equipment and its disposition;

(i)    recommended approval of new emergency medical service unit areas and locations; and

(j)    fees to be charged for ambulance services.

(2)    review the budget for each service area and make recommendations to the emergency services director with regard to the proposed annual budget for emergency medical services within the borough, and on capital improvement projects and equipment needs for each service area.

(3)    recommend ordinances and actions to be taken by the assembly with respect to emergency medical services.

(4)    consult with other advisory bodies such as the planning commission and any medical, health or safety organizations.

(Ord. 11-101, § 3, 2011: Ord. 04-080, § 22, 2004; Ord. 94-001AM, § 5 (part), 1994; Ord. 84-34, § 25 (part), 1984)



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