Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Marijuana Advisory Committee

The Marijuana Advisory Committee (MAC) is comprised of the 17 following seats:
  • 1 - potentially interested marijuana grower
  • 1 - non-marijuana farming operation
  • 1 - potentially interested marijuana retailer
  • 1 - from the financial community
  • 1 - from a local business organization such as a chamber of commerce
  • 1 - from law enforcement
  • 1 - from the health community
  • 1 - from the education community
  • 1 - with planning and zoning experience
  • 1 - from sales, marketing, advertising experience
  • 3 - citizens of the Borough who do not live within city limits
  • 1 - representing the city government of Houston
  • 1 - representing the city government of Palmer
  • 1 - representing the city government of Wasilla
  • 1 - representing the Borough at the department director level or equivalent

The MAC was created to advise the Assembly on any and all impacts of the implementation of Alaska Statute 17.38.

There are also created an equal number of alternate seats.  Each regular member and each alternate will be partnered so that if the regular member is unable to attend, that they call the alternate and have them attend in their place.

The MAC will exist until June 30, 2018.

Please, check the Public Meetings schedule for specific meeting information.


Member1 Darryl Dreher
Member1 - Alternate Terry Goosen
Member2 Mark Rempel
Member2 - Alternate Janice Bass
Member3 Sara Williams
Member3 – Alternate Annett Thompson
Member4 Ed Gravley
Member4 - Alternate Vacant
Member5 Crystal Nygard
Member5 – Alternate Vacant
Member6 Lance Ketterling
Member6 – Alternate Vacant
Member7 Savon Duchein
Member7 –alternate Emily Hardy
Member8 Lisa Albert-Konecky
Member8 – Alternate K.T. McKee
Member9 John Anderson
Member9 – Alternate Vacant
Member10 John Norris
Member10 – Alternate Vacant
Member11 Link Fannon
Member11 – Alternate Michael Hemmer
Member12 Ronda Marcy
Member12 – Alternate Staci Manier
Member13 Brandon Montano
Member13 – Alternate Crystal Sunderland
Member14 Vacant
Member14 – Alternate Gina Jorgensen
Member15 Edna DeVries
Member15 – Alternate Vacant
Member16 Lyn Carden
Member16 – Alternate Alyssa Farrar
Member17 Vacant
Member17 - Alternate Lebron McPhail

Staff Support

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Agendas, Packets & Minutes

There are currently no meetings created for this board.