Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Wastewater and Septage Advisory Board (WSAB)

The Wastewater and Septage Advisory Board (WASB) was established to advise to the assembly relating to wastewater and septage issues within the borough. All matters pertaining to the board, are shall be governed by MSB 4.05.

The board shall consist of seven voting members, who are residents of the borough, and has  representatives from the following:

  1. a staff representative from the Matanuska-Susitna Borough;
  2. a representative from the city of Houston;
  3. a representative from the city of Palmer;
  4. a representative from the city of Wasilla
  5. a representative with an environmental engineering background;
  6. a representative from the septage industry;
  7. an at-large member.

Septage Studies

Septage and Leachate Treatment Facility Site Suitability and Engineering Analysis
2013 Septage Study Update
2007 Septage Study

The board holds meetings on a quarterly basis or more frequently if necessary.

Please, check the Public Meetings schedule for specific meeting information.


Commission Members

Mike Campfield
Archie Giddings
Tom Healy
(rep. from City of Houston position is currently vacant)
Helen Munoz
Ronald Phillips
Thomas Stoelting

Staff support:

Debbie Passmore Full Directory

Agendas, Packets & Minutes

February 08,2018 2 pm
Wastewater & Septage Advisory Board Regular Meeting

WSAB Resolutions