Matanuska-Susitna Borough

2018 Road Bond Package List

Capital Projects Director Jude Bilafer and Planning Chief Jessica Smith presented road projects for a proposed road bond package.

Road Bonds

 IDProject NameAssembly DistrictRSAEstimated Cost (millions)DesignedROW ObtainedLRTPCIPAdditional Support
1st Tier N/A Cheri Lake Drive to King Arthur Drive Corridor Improvements 7 CoH 7.000 Partial N N N City of Houston
M12 Hemmer Road Extension North to Bogard Road  Extension East 2 16 2.000 N N Y N City of Palmer
M15 Felton Road Extension - Arctic/Bogard to Palmer Wasilla Highway/Palmer High School  2 CoP 8.000 Y Partial Y N City of Palmer
M2 Hermon Road Reconstruction and Extension - Parks Highway to Palmer Wasilla Highway  4 9 6.000 N N Y N City of Wasilla
M8 Fern Street - Knik Goose Bay Road to Fairview Loop Road 3,4 14, CoW 6.000 Y N Y Y City of Wasilla
M1 S. Trunk Road - Wasilla Creek Bridge Replacement & Pathway Extension 3 9 2.500 Y Y Y Y  
M7 Tex-Al Road Upgrade and Extension 6 28, 16 5.500 N Maybe Y N Local RSA Board
N/A MSB School District 2018 Pedestrian Projects; Safe Routes to School 1,3,5,6,7 14,16,17,21,25,29 1.988 N N N N MSB School District
M9 Seldon Road Phase II - Beverly Lake Road to Pittman Road  7 27 8.200 Y N Y Y Meadow Lakes Community Council, Local RSA Board
M13 Trunk Connector - Stringfield to New Trunk Road 1 16 2.158 Y Y Y Y ADOT&PF, Mid-Town Estates Property Owners Assoc.
Subtotal - Top Priority Projects 49.346  
2nd Tier M4a,b Seldon Road  Upgrade - Wasilla Fishhook to Snow Goose to Lucille 6 28 26.000 N N Y Y Local RSA Board
M5 Engstrom Road Congestion Relief: Assess various alternatives to relieve congestion on Engstrom Road and provide a second access to Trunk Road and or Palmer Fishhook Road.  1,3 25 2.500 N N Y Y  
M6 Engstrom North Extension to Tex Al  6 25,16 2.500 N Y Y Y Local RSA Board
M11 Museum Drive Extension - West to Sylvan Road 4,7 27 5.500 Y N Y Y  
M14 Settlers Bay Drive Extension to S. Hayfield Drive 5 17 3.000     Y N  
Subtotal - Subsequent Priority Projects 39.500  
Total 88.846