Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Polling Places and Precincts

The precincts and polling places for the Matanuska-Susitna Borough are listed below. The polls are open on Election Day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If you don't know your assigned polling place, you may find it online by using the Alaska State Division of Elections Online Polling Place Locator, or contact the Borough Clerk's Office at 907-861-8683 or the Alaska State Division of Elections at 1-888-383-8683 (toll free).

Map of Borough Voting Precincts Map of Core Area Precincts

Precinct List

Precinct MapsPolling Location Maps
07-100 Lakes No. 1 Finger Lake Elementary School
5981 E Eek Street
07-105 Pioneer Peak Pioneer Peak Elementary School
1959 N Stringfield Road
07-110 Schrock Alcantra National Guard Armory
3401 E Bogard Road
07-115 Wasilla Lake Cottonwood Creek Elementary School
800 N Seward Meridian Parkway
07-120 Wasilla No. 1 Wasilla Senior Center
1301 S Century Circle
07-125 Wasilla No. 2 Wasilla City Hall
290 E Herning Avenue
07-130 Foothills Menard Sports Center
1001 S Clapp Drive
08-130 Meadow Lakes No. 1 Meadow Lakes Elementary School
1741 N Pittman Road
08-135 Meadow Lakes No. 2
1685 N Pittman Road
08-140 Knik Goose Bay No. 1 Knik Elementary School
6350 W Hollywood Road
08-145 Knik Goose Bay No. 2 Goose Bay Elementary School
6400 W Hollywood Road
08-150 Knik Goose Bay No. 3 Settlers Bay Community Church
6865 W Dewlap Circle
08-155 Big Lake Big Lake Lions Club
2942S Lions Circle
09-622 Farm Loop Farm Loop Christian Center
5900 N Farm Loop Road
09-628 Fishhook Fishhook Public Safety Building
(Station 3-5)
8200 E Turner Road
09-640 Sheep Mountain Glacier View School
65975 S Wolverine Circle
(Mile 104 Glenn Highway)
09-645 Sutton Sutton Public Library
11301 N Chickaloon Way
10-005 Kings Lake Colony High School
9550 E Bogard Road
10-010 Church Lamb of God Lutheran Church
1221 N Church Road
10-015 Tanaina Tanaina Elementary School
2550 N Lucille Street
10-020 Houston Houston City Hall
13878 W Armstrong Road
10-025 Meadow Lakes No. 3 Church on the Rock
3571 W Machen Road
10-030 Susitna Upper Susitna Senior and Civic Center
16463 E Helena Avenue
10-035 Talkeetna Talkeetna Public Library
24645 Talkeetna Spur
10-040 Trapper Creek Trapper Creek Elementary School
6742 E Petersville Road
10-045 Willow Willow Community Center
Mile 69 Parks Highway
10-050 Meadow Lakes No. 4 American Legion Post 35
4180 W Tweed Court
10-055 Lakes No. 2 Larson Elementary School
2722 E Seldon Road
11-055 Walby Colony Middle School
9250 E Bogard Road
11-060 Greater Palmer Palmer Community Center (Railroad Depot)
610 S Valley Way
11-065 Mat-Su Campus Matanuska-Susitna College
8295 E College Drive
11-070 Palmer City No. 1 Mat-Su Borough Building
350 E Dahlia Avenue
11-075 Palmer City No. 2 Palmer Senior Citizens Center
1132 S Chugach Street
11-085 Trunk Central Mat-Su Public Safety Building (Station 5-1)
1911 S Terrace Court
11-090 Seward Meridian White Fields Church
4800 E Palmer-Wasilla Highway
11-095 Springer Loop Palmer 7th Day Adventist Church
2238 S Inner Springer Loop
11-099 Lazy Mountain Lazy Mountain Bible Church
16005 E Shawn Drive
12-200 Fairview No. 1 Fairview Loop Baptist Church
3118 W Fairview Loop
12-205 Fairview No. 2 Machetanz Elementary School
4961 E Nelson Road
12-210 Snowshoe Christ First United Methodist Church
5137 W Fairview Loop
12-220 Butte Butte Elementary School
4006 S Butte Road

Electioneering Prohibited

During the hours polls are open, no person who is in the polling place or within 200 feet of any entrance of the polling place may attempt to persuade a person to vote for or against a candidate, proposition, or question, nor may any person conduct other political activities that may pertain to any future election or potential ballot question.