Matanuska-Susitna Borough

1986 Core Area Topography Maps

The following maps are created and maintained by the MAT-SU Borough GIS staff (or by contractual arrangement) and made available to the general public in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. These maps are made available to the public provided that the user adhere to the terms and conditions as defined within the Borough's GIS Disclaimer and Acceptable Use Policy. Review this policy before using the maps.

The contour interval is 5 feet. Elevations are NGVD 1929.

Topo Map Index

Township 17 North

Township 17 North
East   West
R1E   R2E   R1W   R2W   R 3W
17N01E01   17N02E01   17N01W01   17N02W01   17N03W01
17N01E02   17N02E02   17N01W02   17N02W02   17N03W02
17N01E03   17N02E03   17N01W03   17N02W03   17N03W03
17N01E04   17N02E04   17N01W04   17N02W04   17N03W11
17N01E05   17N02E05   17N01W05   17N02W05   17N03W12
17N01E06   17N02E06   17N01W06   17N02W06   17N03W13
17N01E07   17N02E07   17N01W07   17N02W07   17N03W14
17N01E08   17N02E08   17N01W08   17N02W08   17N03W23
17N01E09   17N02E09   17N01W09   17N02W09   17N03W24
17N01E10   17N02E10   17N01W10   17N02W10   17N03W25
17N01E11   17N02E11   17N01W11   17N02W11   17N03W26
17N01E12   17N02E12   17N01W12   17N02W12   17N03W35
17N01E13   17N02E13   17N01W13   17N02W13   17N03W36
17N01E14   17N02E14   17N01W14   17N02W14
17N01E15   17N02E15   17N01W15   17N02W15
17N01E16   17N02E16   17N01W16   17N02W16    
17N01E17   17N02E17   17N01W17   17N02W17    
17N01E18   17N02E18   17N01W18   17N02W18    
17N01E19   17N02E19   17N01W19   17N02W19    
17N01E20   17N02E22   17N01W20   17N02W20    
17N01E21   17N02E23   17N01W21   17N02W21    
17N01E22   17N02E24   17N01W22   17N02W22    
17N01E23   17N02E25   17N01W23   17N02W23    
17N01E24   17N02E26   17N01W24   17N02W24    
    17N02E27   17N01W28   17N02W25    
    17N02E34   17N01W29   17N02W26    
    17N02E35   17N01W30   17N02W27    
    17N02E36   17N01W31   17N02W28    

Township 18 North

Township 18 North
East   West
R1E   R2E   R1W   R 2W   R3W
18N01E13   18N02E15   18N01W13   18N02W13   18N03W15
18N01E14   18N02E16   18N01W14   18N02W14   18N03W16
18N01E15   18N02E17   18N01W15   18N02W15   18N03W17
18N01E16   18N02E18   18N01W16   18N02W19   18N03W18
18N01E17   18N02E19   18N01W17   18N02W20   18N03W20
18N01E18   18N02E20   18N01W18   18N02W21   18N03W21
18N01E19   18N02E21   18N01W19   18N02W22   18N03W22
18N01E20   18N02E22   18N01W20   18N02W23   18N03W23
18N01E21   18N02E25   18N01W21   18N02W24   18N03W24
18N01E22   18N02E26   18N01W22   18N02W25   18N03W25
18N01E23   18N02E27   18N01W23   18N02W26   18N03W26
18N01E24   18N02E28   18N01W24   18N02W27   18N03W27
18N01E25   18N02E29   18N01W25   18N02W28   18N03W28
18N01E26   18N02E30   18N01W26   18N02W29   18N03W29
18N01E27   18N02E31   18N01W27   18N02W30   18N03W33
18N01E28   18N02E32   18N01W28   18N02W31   18N03W34
18N01E29   18N02E33   18N01W29   18N02W32   18N03W35
18N01E30   18N02E34   18N01W30   18N02W33   18N03W36
18N01E31   18N02E35   18N01W31   18N02W34    
18N01E32   18N02E36   18N01W32   18N02W35    
18N01E33       18N01W33   18N02W36    
18N01E34       18N01W34      
18N01E35       18N01W35      
18N01E36       18N01W36