Matanuska-Susitna Borough

33 tons of scrap

Palmer | Patty Sullivan | Friday, August 18, 2006

Final numbers are in for the amount of junk cars and scrap metal hauled to the MAT-SU Central landfill during the Bumper Drag in May. A total of 33 tons of scrap came in for recycling.

Also as part of Public Works Week, 18 MAT-SU Borough employees helped pick up heaps of garbage on a two-mile stretch of the Glenn Highway and a frontage road near the Glenn.

Within a few hours, the crew had picked up nearly 1500 pounds of trash along Slough Road and the highway.

Thanks for caring about where you live. Borough employees who volunteered included: Terry Berger, Eileen Pickett, Cindy Corey, Bill Klebesadel, Keith Rountree, Doug Lange, Mike Lachelt, Greg Goodale, Alice Hawkes, Matt Hamann, Michelle Russell, Leah Jones, Debra Hunt, Diana Garner, Kathie Livesley, Bruce Paulson, Theresa Taranto and Roy Robertson.