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Core Area Community Council Boundaries


The review of community council boundaries is required by Borough Code.  The goal in the review of the community council boundaries is to ensure that all properties located within the Core Area are represented by a community council; and that the boundaries are contiguous, thus removing "holes" within the Core Area. 

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough Assembly adopted the Core Area Community Council Boundary changes on April 16, 2019 through Assembly Resolution 19-037.

For more information on Community Councils, please visit the Community Council webpage here.

Project Benefits

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough Assembly adopted the Community Council boundary changes in the core area.  The affected community councils are listed below.  You can link to the core area community council page, that were affected by the boundary changes, by clicking on the link:

These changes will provide every resident within the core area a greater opportunity for participation in Borough activities within their community.  During this process, every property was either added to a new community council or remained in their existing council  An informational letter will be mailed out by May 31st to the residents in the core area that are now within a new community council.  The community council maps have been updated on the borough website - you can find al community council maps here.  

What has come of the boundary changes...

Residents of two inactive community councils have requested procedures to reactivate and a resident of the Greater Palmer Community Council has requested procedures to activate a community council.  The Tanaina Community Council has held their first meeting to activate Tanaina Community Council on June 7th and will hold their second reactivation meeting on June 27th - for more information, please visit the Tanaina Community Council Webpage by clicking this link.  

Should you have any further questions regarding the boundary change or activation process of community councils, please contact the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Planning Division.


Project Status

By code, Planning is required to review the community council boundaries ever three years. The Planning Division reviewed the current community council boundaries and recommended to the Assembly some changes that would give the Borough better census data, and also give citizens a voice. The Assembly approved an adjustment of the boundaries. Residents were notified if their community council boundary changed or they were added into a community council.


Alex Strawn, Planning & Land Use Director

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Kim Sollien, Planning Services Manager

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Project Docs

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