Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Marijuana Code Update


The intent of amending MSB 17.60 is to establish standard hours of operation for marijuana retail facilities, address potential land use impacts associated with onsite consumption of marijuana, streamline the permitting process for new cultivation facilities, and to regulate cultivation facilities that are less than 500 square feet.

Project Benefits

Create standard hours of operation for marijuana retail facilities:  Standardized hours help ensure the retail facilities do not have unfair advantages over their competitors based on restrictions put on them by the Planning Commission.

Onsite consumption:  onsite consumption at marijuana retail facilities may cause additional land use impacts such as the increased need for parking, unwanted loitering, and inadvertent inhalation of secondhand smoke by neighbors or pedestrians within rights-of-way.

Land Use Impacts:  Land use impacts associated with cultivation facilities are minor enough that they do not tend to be incompatible with or detract from the surrounding area.  All cultivation facilities, regardless of size, should have standards associated with them to ensure proper setbacks from schools and adjacent properties.

Project Status

At the February 16, 2021 Assembly meeting, the Ordinance was postponed indefinitely or it is to be brought back as two separate Ordinances.


Alex Strawn
Planning and Land Use Director
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Project Docs

Assembly Information Memorandum IM 20-143 (pdf 136.7 KB)   |  332 hits

Ordinance 21-017 (pdf 300.04 KB)   |  352 hits

Planning Commission Resolution PC 20-44 (pdf 300.77 KB)   |  297 hits

PC 20-44 Amended Resolution (pdf 359.95 KB)   |  264 hits

Planning Commission Resolution PC 20-45 (pdf 300.77 KB)   |  252 hits

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