Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Districtwide HVAC Upgrades (11 Schools)


This project will design and construct ventilation systems with associated ductwork, dampers, and controls that coordinate with existing equipment at the following schools:

Butte Elementary
Cottonwood Creek Elementary
Finger Lake Elementary
Goose Bay Elementary
Palmer Jr. Middle
Pioneer Peak Elementary
School District Warehouse
Snowshoe Elementary
Tanaina Elementary
Wasilla Middle
Willow Elementary

Project Benefits

Determine how to increase comfort and indoor air quality within all included sites by implementing upgrades and modifications to the existing HVAC systems.

Provide corrective design to increase efficiencies and offer approaches to improving existing systems including augmenting existing systems.

Convert building control systems from pneumatics to direct digital control.

Project Status

This project will upgrade HVAC systems at 11 locations, mostly to include conversion of pneumatic controls to direct digital controls (DDC) for heating and ventilation, boiler automation, and augmentation of existing air handling units at eight schools. Electronically controlled ventilation dampers and control valves are currently being installed throughout the project under two different contracts effecting 10 schools. Complete renovation of boiler rooms for both Palmer Junior Middle and Willow Elementary Schools were successfully completed. Substantial Completion Inspection was held successfully at both Wasilla Middle and Palmer Junior Middle this month. Commissioning is anticipated over Christmas break. A third contract for upgrading the HVAC system at the MSBSD Warehouse was awarded this summer with work now beyond Substantial Completion and in the one-year warranty phase. A fourth contract for HVAC improvements at Colony Middle School is expected to be in design through winter for summer 2018 construction.


Robert Scott, MSB Project Manager
(907) 861-7708

Project Cost

The total project budget is $7,100,000. The State of Alaska will fund this project at a 70/30 split with the Borough.