Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Salmon Research: Economic Contributions of Sportfishing in Cook Inlet


This project will provide accurate and up-to-date information on the economic contributions of angler spending in the Cook Inlet economy using the same methodology used in 2007.  It is an economic significance study that will estimate the total expenditures occurring within the Cook Inlet Region associated with sport fishing in Alaska in 2017, as well as estimates of the total direct, indirect, and induced economic effects of angler spending in terms of jobs, wages, salaries, tax receipts, etc. on the Cook Inlet regional economy.  One of the key objectives of this project is to implement the study consistent with the methodology of the 2007 study, that is creating a repeatable methodology for tracking and comparing such estimates over time as an aid to planning and regulatory decision-making.

Timeline: April 2017-December 2018


Project Status

PROJECT EXTENDED: The angler survey implementation took place in two waves to minimize recall bias.  Wave 1 (implemented in August) covered fishing efforts January-June 2017 and included residents only. Wave II covered the peak period of May-October, including both residents and non-residents through paper and online survey formats.  This survey was implemented in December 2017 and completed in Late January 2018.  The contractor also implemented a separate, online survey directed specifically at Alaska's sportfishing guide businesses operating in Cook Inlet Region to gather general information on business spending to inform the economic modeling and more accurately reflect the current conditions within the industry.  This survey was completed in late February. Spring and summer 2018 was spent preparing angler databases, data cleaning, and quality assurance testing for bias.  Early analytics are available and will be reviewed by the project team prior to re-running the economic modeling and finalizing the economic contribution estimates.