Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Subdivision Construction Manual 2018 Rewrite


The Assembly, in April of 2016, signed a resolution to support the revision of the 1991 subdivision construction manul.  The following issues, to name a few, have been identified as requiring revision:

  • consider the Borough's updated road classification information;
  • incorporate most recent data from State and Federal requirements and codes;
  • incorporate fire and life safety codes regarding roadways and subdivision access;
  • clarify confusing/conflicting language;
  • modify and clarify drainage requirements as needed;
  • modify and clarify utility requirements as needed;
  • update requirements for intersections, temporary turnarounds, and cul-de-sacs;
  • revisit final road inspection and acceptance requirements;
  • revisit stub roads and connectivity;
  • revisit standards for pioneer and mountain access roads;
  • modify and clarify traffic impact analysis requirements as needed;
  • modify and clarify right-of-way width requirements as needed;
  • discuss need for pdedstrian facilities with road development to increase safety for residents and students;
  • review driveway standards;
  • review urban versus rural road standards; and
  • update diagrams


Project Benefits

The benefits of updating the Subdivision Construction Manual are to have a more efficent and safe road system; the state and federal requirements and design guidelines for road construction have changed greatly since the manual was crafted and amended.  The advancements in engineering and technology over the past 25 years allow for a greater range of roadway and utility construction options that are not addressed in the 1991 manual.

Project Status

Meetings continue through May 14th.


Fred Wagner, Platting Officer 

907-861-7870 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Project Docs

1991 Subdivision Construction Manual (pdf 1.88 MB)   |  606 hits

MSB Assembly Resolution 17-003 (pdf 626.9 KB)   |  408 hits