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West Papoose Lake Management Plan Code Amendment


Update 7-17-2019

See Ballot Results Below. 


The Matanuska-Susitna Borough Planning Division has received a request to amend Borough Code to remove the restrictions of Personal Watercraft on West Papoose Lake. Staff reviewed the existing plan and the file from its original development and found that the Planning Commission recommend that the use of Personal Watercraft be allowed, however, that amendment was not made and the plan was adopted with the following enforceable regulations:

  1. Personal watercraft prohibited;
  2. Quiet hours: 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. Sunday through Saturday; and,
  3. No Wake Zone: 100 Feet from ordinary high water mark

Since that time, the Assembly has adopted guidelines based on the surface area of the lake; under these guidelines, West Papoose may request the use of Personal Watercraft on their Lake.  Therefore, a simple code amendment is being proposed that will ONLY amend item 1 above to allow for Personal Watercraft. Items 2 & 3 above will remain in effect as is.   It is now up to the property owners within 600 feet of the shoreline to determine if this code amendment will go forward or not. 


Ballot Results:

  • Total number ballots sent to parcel owners = 87
  • Number of valid ballot responses = 57


  • Yes: 19
  • No: 38

With a majority vote in opposition, the Code will remain as-is, and the Planning Department will not proceed any further actions.


Project Benefits

The vote was a majority in opposition and the West Papoose Lake Management Plan Code will remain as-is..

Project Status

Majority vote was in opposition, the project will not move forward and is now complete.


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Project Docs

600' Shoreline Buffer Map (pdf 1.12 MB)   |  641 hits

Amendment Request Letter (pdf 1.05 MB)   |  643 hits