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The Matanuska-Susitna Borough will hold a regular election on Tuesday, October 3, 2017; however, not every precinct within the Borough will be open on election day or have a Borough ballot to vote.


Why You Ask?

An areawide question means that everyone in the Borough can vote on that question. There are no areawide questions on the Borough ballot this year, so not every precinct has a candidate or proposition they are qualified/eligible to vote on.

In the past, School Board seats were an Areawide question (race) that the entire Borough voted on. In 2015 the voters decided to make School Board seats districted, which made the seats non-areawide (district specific) questions. This year there are no races for Assembly or School Board in Districts 1, 2, and 7.


There are no Areawide questions or candidates to vote on in the following precincts and they WILL BE CLOSED and will NOT have a ballot to vote on for the October 3, 2017, regular Borough election.

  • 08-130 Meadow Lakes No. 1 Meadow Lakes Elementary School
  • 08-135 Meadow Lakes No. 2 Meadow Lakes Public Safety Bldg. (7-1)
  • 09-622 Farm Loop Farm Loop Christian Center
  • 09-640 Sheep Mountain Glacier View School
  • 09-645 Sutton Sutton Public Library
  • 10-025 Meadow Lakes No. 3 Church on the Rock 
  • 10-030 Susitna Upper Susitna Senior Center
  • 10-040 Trapper Creek  Trapper Creek Elementary
  • 10-045 Willow Willow Community Center
  • 11-055 Walby Colony Middle School
  • 11-060 Greater Palmer Palmer Community Center (Railroad Depot)
  • 11-065 Mat-Su Campus Matanuska-Susitna College
  • 11-085 Trunk Mat-Su Public Safety Bldg. (5-1)
  • 11-095 Springer Loop Palmer 7th Day Adventist Church
  • 11-099 Lazy Mountain Lazy Mountain Bible Church
  • 12-220 Butte Central Butte Public Safety Bldg. (2-1)

The following precincts WILL BE OPEN on election day for City elections, but will NOT have a Borough ballot to vote:

  • 10-020 Houston Houston City Hall 
  • 11-070 Palmer City No. 1 Mat-Su Borough Building
  • 11-075 Palmer City No. 2 Palmer Senior Citizens Center

The following precinct WILL BE OPEN on election day but will only have a ballot for those residents who reside in the Talkeetna Sewer and Water Service Area. There are no Areawide questions or candidates to vote on in this precinct.

  • 10-035 Talkeetna Talkeetna Elementary School

Questions? Please call the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Clerk’s Office at 907-861-8683.

Effective Date

Oct 03, 2017