Sept 7, 2012 - LiDAR and Imagery Project Update

Imagery (1 ft resolution) is available for a portion of the Matanuska Block. The coverage unfortunately is not complete because portions of the block were not flown last year to due poor collection conditions. All areas that were flown in 2011 are available and the remaining areas will be flown and made available this year.

These data products can be ordered from the MSB Data Ordering Portal and will soon be available for downloaded from the GINA webpage.

The July 5th update provides more information about the two different order/download sites.

All other data is out of initial production and into the Quality Assurance Quality Control (QA/QC) process.

We will let you know as more products become available.

Many thanks,


The following table provides a status update on the products for all blocks.

Block Imagery LiDAR &
Ancillary Products
½ ft Resolution 1ft Resolution
Point MacKenzie Block  N/A  Available  Available
Willow Block  N/A  Available  Available
Caswell Lake Block  N/A  Available  Available
Talkeetna Block  N/A  Available  Available
North Susitna Block  N/A  Available  Available (except contours)
Core Area Block  Available  QA/QC  QA/QC
Matanuska Block  Available  Available (partial)  Accepted

The status can fall into one of five categories:

In Production = Being developed by the vendor.
QA/QA = Delivered and going through the Quality Assurance Quality Control (QA/QC) process.
Accepted =
Passed the QA/QC process and has been accepted.
Available = Prepared for distribution and available.
N/A =
Product not available for the area.

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