Matanuska-Susitna Borough

GIS Downloads

The following data are collected and maintained by the MAT-SU Borough GIS staff and made available to the general public in “shapefile” format. This data is made to the public provided that the user adhere to the terms and conditions as defined within the Borough’s GIS Disclaimer and Acceptable Use Policy. Review the policy below before using the data.



Vector GIS Data Shapefiles are a non-topological vector storage mechanism for spatial data that were created by a company called Environmental Systems Research Institute or ESRI. The geometry of a feature is stored as a set of x,y coordinates, and the attribute (or descriptive) data is stored in a related database file. The file is really made up of a collection of files:

  1. .SHP - Stores the x,y coordinates
  2. .SHX - An index between the .SHP and .DBF files
  3. .DBF - Stores the attribute data in a flat file format

Each of these files must be preserved to make use of the shapefile.

Shapefile Downloads

ArcGIS Server Services

If you are an ArcGIS Desktop user or web developer, you can consume our ArcGIS Server services in your application. Use these paths to access the services:

ArcGIS Server REST services catalog:

Link to establish a connection in ArcCatalog: *

Be sure to include the trailing slash in these links. Our services are not directly previewable in ArcMap from the REST services catalog.

*This link is an ArcCatalog link and will not work from a Web Browser

AutoCAD Drawings

MSB Tax Map AutoCAD DXF files

These files are intended for use in a CAD drafting program, such as AutoCAD, in a GIS application such as ArcMap, or any other program that can import a DXF file.  Files are updated three times a year; typically in Feb/March, early July, and Oct/Nov. The file format is AutoCAD 2010 DXF.

MSB Tax Map DXF Downloads

Aerial and Satellite Imagery

Aerial and Satellite imagery is not currently provided by the Borough, but is available from the Geographic Information Network of Alaska. Imagery is from summer 2004 and 2005.

This is a very large information set, about 10 GB. HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED.

GINA SwathViewer