Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Press Releases

20 Plus Acre Fire Growing Off Millers Reach

4:12 pm, Sunday—A 20-plus-acre fire off the end of Millers Reach Road, in four-wheeler terrain, is moving east in dry conditions and steady winds. No homes are immediately threatened. Alaska Dept. of Forestry and Matanuska-Susitna Borough firefighters hav

Redington: Pinnacle Of School Bond Projects

From a rain-soaked groundbreaking last year to the cheers of school children last week, the Joe Redington Jr./Sr. High opened with an upbeat celebration. The first and last sleds run in the Iditarod by Joe Redington Sr. are displayed on the library wall.

Mayor Vetoes E-cig Tax Vote

The Mayor vetoed the vote for changes to the ordinance on taxes for E-smokes. It will be on the 9/1 Assembly agenda. Here's his remarks.

Public Notices

Solid Waste Rate Increases

As of July 1 Solid Waste Rates are increasing. See the attached fliers for details.

Fireworks Are Illegal

Fireworks are illegal. The State has banned all fireworks and the sale of fireworks in the Mat-Su Borough.

2015 Parks Highway Milepost 118 Susitna River Corridor Personal Use Firewood Area

2015 Susitna River Corridor Personal Use Firewood Area for mixed sawtimber is available on a first come first served basis

Public Meetings

The time listed here is the correct time for the advertised meetings. When the "more details" link is clicked, Google may incorrectly reflect GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) date and time.

Please call 861-8683 if you have questions regarding meeting dates and times.