Matanuska-Susitna Borough

20-087P: Septage and Waste to Energy Facilities for Waste Management

Issue Date:
February 12, 2020 12:00 pm
May 14, 2020 04:00 pm in the Not Scheduled at this time

Sealed Proposal Due:
May 14, 2020 04:00 pm

Proposal Description: The Matanuska-Susitna Borough (MSB) is soliciting comprehensive proposals for development of a Waste Management Project.

The MSB anticipates that the scope of services to be provided for the Project by the contractor (the “Company”) will include responsibility for designing, permitting, financing, constructing, commissioning, acceptance testing, operating and maintaining the Facility(ies) and required support facilities for an initial Term. Following the initial Term, this agreement shall remain in effect with up to two 5-year extensions unless terminated by the MSB with a one hundred eighty (180) day written notice.

The MSB desires to provide facilities for the proper management of septage and septage residuals (not currently managed by the MSB) generated within the Borough and/or the Company may also propose an approach to employ a waste management technology solution(s) to manage Solid Waste, which could generate energy/revenues and/or produce byproducts of value compared to current landfill disposal methods.

20-087P Documents

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2nd quarter MRR (pdf 316.03 KB)   |  71 hits

3rd quarter MRR (pdf 310.71 KB)   |  70 hits

4th quarter end of year MRR (pdf 389.84 KB)   |  73 hits

4th quarter end of year MRR CORRECTED (pdf 379.34 KB)   |  69 hits

Site Suitability Study (pdf 18.58 MB)   |  81 hits

FY19 VCRS Agreement Exhibit A (pdf 95.02 KB)   |  69 hits

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E2 Sequencing Plan (pdf 14.33 MB)   |  80 hits

F1 Monitoring Well Log (pdf 7.59 MB)   |  71 hits

F2 Groundwater Elevations (pdf 3.24 MB)   |  68 hits

Water Table Contours (pdf 3.24 MB)   |  69 hits

PARTIAL Hydrogeologic Investigation (pdf 7.35 MB)   |  71 hits

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