Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Subdivision Construction Manual (SCM) Draft Revision 2018



In 2017 the Borough Assembly adopted Resolution 17-003, supporting the revision of the 1991 Subdivision Construction Manual (SCM).

The revisions will occur in two phases. Phase I will address those issues that can be classified as housekeeping, inconsistencies, and procedural.  Phase II will address other substantial issues which will need further detailed discussion with the assembly and the development community.  Phase II will not begin until the Phase I changes are finalized and adopted by the assembly.

Comments will be received on this public review draft of the Phase I SCM beginning on April 6 and ending at 5 pm on May 7, 2018. There will be a presentation and informational discussion at the Platting Boards April 19 regular meeting, and a first public hearing at their May 3 regular meeting.  These meetings will begin at 1 pm, and are held in the Borough Assembly Chambers.  It is anticipated that the Planning Commission will take action on the SCM in May, and the Assembly in June.


Public Comments

Public Comments

1991 SCM

1991 SCM

Original Subdivision Construction Manual from 1991.

Summary of Changes

Summary of Changes

A clean understanding of what revisions were made in Phase I of the Draft revised Subdivision Construction Manual.

2018 SCM Draft Revision - Clean Copy

Download Clean Copy

A clean copy of the 2018 Draft Subdivision Construction Manual revision.

2018 SCM Draft Revision with mark-ups

Draft with mark-up
This document contains all the changes that have been made in Phase I of the revised Draft Subdivision Construction Manual.

Assembly Resolution 17-003

Reso 17-003

Assembly Resolution 17-003 Supporting the Rewrite of the Borough's 1991 Subdivision Construction Manual