Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Resource Sales

 The Borough Holds many types of Resource sales that cover a multitude of resources for personal and commercial uses. Please see the commercial and personal Resource sale types below. 

Commercial Uses

The Borough Holds many types of Resource sales that cover a multitude of resources for commercial uses.

Commercial Material Sales

Material Sales are available by application from the LMD.

Applicants are advised to consult with the Resource Management Specialist, and obtain a copy of the LMD procedures for material sales. prior to submitting an application.

The application process will take longer than 60 days to complete due to public notice and board review requirements. The LMD will work to negotiate a contract for the applicant in the least amount of time.

Upon contract agreement, the contractor will be required to provide:

  • proof of insurance ($300,000 minimum)
  • a performance bond
  • a reclamation bond
  • a minimum royalty pre-payment
  • Assembly approval is required for contracts greater then $25,000

Commercial Gravel Extraction

Nay be for permitting new extraction from Borough Land, or extracting from existing Developed Borough resources.

Commercial Gravel Sales

Gravel resources removed from various school bond projects, road bond projects, PMRE projects, and other conversions may also be available in the near future.

Commercial Timber Harvest Sales

The implementation schedule includes 9 harvests aggregating 668 acres for 2014 and 5 harvests aggregating 659 acres for 2015. The ITB contracts should start going out by the end of February with awards anticipated in March for successful bidders. This will be the first MSB commercial timber harvest since 2005. Competitive timber harvest bids will be advertised in the local newspaper, the main Borough webpage and notices will be emailed to interested parties. Formal competitive bid solicitation will be conducted by the Purchasing Division. Please contact the Purchasing Division at 861-8601 if you have any questions regarding any advertised Commercial Timber Harvest Sales.

Commercial Salvage Timber Sales

Commercial Salvage Timber Sales are done for large gravel sales before areas are made available for Person Use Harvests. 

Personal Use

The Borough Holds many types of Resource sales that cover a multitude of resources for personal uses.

Personal Use Gravel Sales (MSB 23.10.120)

Personal Use Gravel areas, listed here, are flagged, signed, and open.  Permits are sold at the Land Management Office located at the DSJ Building, 350 E. Dahlia Ave, Palmer. Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Please see the Public Notices page for more information on specific sites.

Personal Use Firewood Permits MSB 23.20.170

The Assembly approved an increase in the MSB maximum annual harvest of personal use firewood per household from six to TEN cords per year. A Personal Use Firewood Harvest Permit is required. The following personal use firewood areas listed here are flagged, signed, and open. All 2015 Personal Use Firewood Area (PUFA) permits are expired. New permits are available for the areas listed. See Public Notices page for information on specific site.