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: Palmer Pool


Palmer Pool is located at the back of Palmer High School in Palmer. It has been open since 1982, and has offered exercise, swimming lessons, and fun for 36 years.

 The pool is available for a range of activities like lap swim, lessons, open swim, kids parties, and school activities. Scroll down for our schedule, fees and rules.

To reach the pool call 861-7670 or the info line at 861-7676

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Tim Pickard: Pool Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Northern Lights Swim Club practice daily 5:30pm-7:00pm.

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  Special swims: Friday, February 15th 6:30-8pm Sweetheart Swim.  Buy 1 get 1 free

                             Saturday, April 20th 2:15-4:15pm Egg Hunt Swim.  Fun and Games.




Swim Lessons

Online Registration 

 The next swim lesson sign ups will be held, Wednesday January 30th after 10am.                                            If you have not done so already you can create an online swimmer account for your kids in preparation for this registration date.  When you do register the process is more of an application to register until we, the pool people place your child in your preferred class and send you an invoice by email to finalize the registration process with your payment. 

Create your swimmer account and registration link:

Instructional video links                                 

Register for Swim Lessons

Pay for Swim Lessons


Daytime and Evening classes offered.

Semi-private classes on Wednesdays as well as private one on one classes on Mondays or Fridays.  Please inquire at the Palmer pool for more info.


For parents and small children (8 months to three years.)  Parents will be entering the water with their children.   

Parent child class for is on Thursdays  @ 10:00-10:30am and Friday 6:00-6:30pm

Float for life infant private lessons available upon request.


Will be offered various different times:
AM classes are Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10:30-12pm

Evening are Tuesday/ Thursday between 5:00-7:15pm.



Morning Homeschool session will be Wednesdays and Fridays between 10am-11:30am

Evening youth lessons on Tuesday/ Thursday between 5:00-7:25pm.


This class is geared to anyone over 13 who would like to learn to swim or improve existing skills-We can help you reach those goals.

Available now to register online.  
 (4) classes for $40.00
This class will meet Fridays 5:00-5:45pm.










Pool Rules

  • Anyone under 9 must have a responsible individual of at least 13 yrs old in the water with them at all times.
  • Hot tub is for ages 18 and up.
  • The services of the Hot Tub and diving boards cannot be guaranteed.

Pool Facility Rules

  1. Payment is required before swimming.
  2. No alcohol or drugs are allowed on premises. Any and all persons exhibiting such behavior are required to leave without a refund, or will be denied admittance and be reported to the proper authorities.
  3. Persons with open wounds, sores, or any communicable disease may not enter the pool.
  4. Toys and equipment brought to the pool need to be approved by the lifeguard prior to its use.
  5. Running or sliding is not allowed.
  6. Smoking and chewing tobacco is not allowed in the facility. No smoking within 50 feet of the front door.
  7. Profanity is prohibited.
  8. All patrons are subject to lifeguard's interpretation of the rules.

Swimming Rules

  1. Only regulation swim wear is allowed.
  2. Swim pants are required at this facility for patrons that are not toilet trained. 
  3. All persons must shower thoroughly before entering the pool.
  4. A Lifeguard MUST be on duty before entering the pool.
  5. Listen to the lifeguard. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the facility without refund.
  6. All children under nine years of age must be accompanied in the water, within arms reach, of a responsible individual at least thirteen years of age at all times.
  7. A parent or guardian must be within an arms reach of any child using a flotation device at all times.
  8. Persons unable to pass a swimming proficiency test must be accompanied in deep water by a parent or guardian at all times.
  9. Riding or sitting on another person's shoulders is not allowed.
  10. Hanging from the diving board or slides is not allowed.
  11. Rough play is not allowed. This includes dunking, splashing, shoving, pushing, harassment, or flirtatious behavior.
  12. Diving is only allowed in the diving well.

**Please take note of the additional rules posted at the pool on use of the Locker Rooms, Hot Tub, Diving Well, Diving Board, Slide, and Alaska DEC Public Swimming Pool and Spa Hygiene Requirements when you visit the facility.**





Class Fees - These fees are effective September 1, 2013

Swimming Lessons
Pre-School Lessons (8 each/ 30 minutes)
Per child $55.00
Youth Lessons ( 8 each/45 minutes)
Per child $60.00
Lifeguard & Water Safety Instructor Classes
• Lifeguard Class (must be at least 15 to participate) $225.00
• Water Safety Instructor (must be at least 16 to participate) $225.00
CPR recertification $75.00
Lifeguard recertification $100.00


CPR, Lifeguarding, Water Safety Instructor, as well as youth and adult swim lessons are offered.

PRESCHOOL LESSONS - Give your child a good start in learning to enjoy the water. We offer swimming lessons and pointers for children 6 months through five years.

YOUTH LESSONS - Lessons are available starting at age six. Program is based on nationally recognized Red Cross Swimming skills.

ADULT LESSONS - Individualized instruction focusing on stroke technique and swimming endurance.

Hourly Rental - These fees are effective September 1, 2013

Private Hourly Rental
0 - 35 People                                            $ 125.00/hr
36 - 70 People $ 150.00/hr
71 - 105 People                                                  $ 175.00/hr
Shared Hourly Rental
0-20 People                                                           $60.00/hr
21-35 People $70.00/hr

Passes - These prices are effective September 1, 2013

30 Day Pass**

• Youth $50.00
• Adult $70.00
• Sr. Citizen $50.00
• Family $95.00
Disabled (regardless of age)                $50.00
One Year Pass**
• Youth $379.00
• Adult $483.00
• Sr. Citizen $379.00
• Family $990.00
Disabled (regardless of age) $379.00

**Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable

10 Visit Punch Card - These prices are effective September 1, 2013

10 Visit Punch Card
• Youth $50.00
• Adult $60.00
• Parent/Child $40.00
• Senior Citizen (age 55 and up) $50.00
• Disabled (regardless of age) $50.00

Session Rates - Prices are effective September 1, 2013

• Preschool (3 & Under) * Free*
• Youth (4-17 Yrs.) $ 5.00
• Adult (18-54 Yrs.) $ 6.00
• Sr. Citizen (55 & Older) $ 5.00
• Disabled $ 5.00
• Group Rate (up to 4 members) $15.00
• Each additional group member $ 3.00

*When accompanied by paid admission.


Palmer Pool Forms

Facility Use Request - Long Term Rental
Palmer Pool Short Term Rental Form