Matanuska-Susitna Borough
Central Landfill and Transfer Stations Closed for the Chistmas and New Year's Holiday

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough Central Landfill located at 1201 N. 49th State Street in Palmer and all Borough Transfer Stations will be closed on Sunday and Monday, December 24-25th 2017 and Monday, January 1st 2018 to observe the Christmas and New Year’s holiday.

Facilities > MSB Transfer Station - Big Lake

For current disposal rates and fees view the Services and Rates page.

The Big Lake Transfer Station is a facility utilized to consolidate the loads of several waste collection deliveries into a single, larger container for shipment to the final disposal site at the Central Landfill in Palmer.

This facility consists of two 120 cubic yard semitrailers adjacent to a concrete retaining wall for the collection of waste.  We have a Connex for the collection of antifreeze, batteries, cooking oil, motor oil and latex paint.  We accept barbeque size empty propane bottles and standard house hold size refrigerators and freezers with the contents and doors removed.  We cannot accept commercial size units at this facility.

Loads may not exceed five cubic yards in volume.  Loads may not exceed 8 feet in length.  This is due to the limitations of the transport container.  These types of loads will be redirected to the Central Landfill in Palmer. 

All loads must be secured when arriving at the facility or an unsecured load fee will be charged.  Loads may be secured to vehicle with rope, bungee, net, tarp, etc. 

Please be mindful that staff working at the facility are upholding Borough Policy.  They do not establish the rates or fees, nor do they establish the limitations of the facility.  Abusive language will not be tolerated and disagreement may result in redirection to the Central Landfill in Palmer for disposal.

For questions or concerns contact:

Solid Waste Management Team

Transfer Station Supervisor


Solid Waste Division Manager






Mid Valley Recycling operates the recycling collection program for:

  • Plastic Bottles Pete #1: Used for soda, juice, water. Look for dimple on bottom.  Rinse and drain. Discard lids. NO TUBS OR TRAYS.
  • Plastic Jugs HDPE #2: Used for milk, cat litter, detergent, shampoo. Look for seam on bottom. Rinse and drain. Discard Lids. Squash if you can. NO MOTOR OIL CONTAINERS.
  • Plastic Containers #5: Usually dairy product and often medicine containers. Lids are okay if #5.
  • Plastic/Stretchable Bags: Grocery, newspaper, dry cleaning bags, packing air bubbles      No black plastic.
  • Corrugated Cardboard: Break down boxes. No greasy pizza or waxed boxes. 
  • Mixed Paper: Magazines, phone books, envelopes, file folders, junk mail, construction paper, shredded, bagged paper, cereal boxes. Remove any plastic covers.
  • Newspaper
  • Steel Cans: Rinse thoroughly, labels OK, NO SPRAY CANS OF ANY KIND.

They are open for recycling on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from noon to 3pm. New, larger recycling dumpsters are in use and will be hauled to the Recycling Center by the Borough. Monitors will be required at the Transfer Station whenever recycling is accepted, if you are interested in volunteering please visit Mid Valley Recycling on Facebook.