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Mat-Su Assembly Measures Possible State Cuts

Mat-Su | Patty Sullivan | Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Some $60 million in State revenue cuts would be felt by the Matanuska-Susitna Borough if Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s proposed budget is adopted, according to Borough Manager John Moosey. 

The missing State funding, as proposed, includes: 

  • $18.3 million for school building construction debt in the fastest growing community in Alaska
  • $39 million in the base student allocation for the School District
  • $710,563 in port debt service 
  • $1.972 million in shared revenue  

Under one scenario, the Borough mill rate would increase by 6.71 mills to equal 17.041 mills, if only the mill rate were adjusted to absorb the proposed loss in State funding. 

Assembly Members, the Mayor, and School District officials contemplated these numbers tonight (Feb.26) at a special Assembly meeting in Palmer. Some of them expressed concern about the State backing out on a partnership of helping pay for new school buildings from voter-approved school bonds from 2011. Other Assembly Members said the final State budget is only a guess at this point.

Manager Moosey listed initial cost saving measures that include potential reduced hours of operation, fewer consultants, frozen capital projects, and delayed hires, among other measures.



See the Manager’s Memo to Mayor Vern Halter with cost saving measures posted here. 

Listen to excerpts of the audio of Assembly Members, Mayor, Manager, and School District Superintendent Monica Goyette.

Some deadlines that arrive before Alaska Legislators are expected to agree on a State budget include:

The Borough Manager's proposed budget must be submitted by April 16 and should be adopted by the Assembly by the end of May.

On April 1, the School Board submits a budget to the Assembly. The School District must notify tenured teachers of a contract by May 15 and non-tenured by May 22, Superintendent Goyette said.   

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